Does your family know your wishes?

“I’ll be home for Christmas”

Many families gather over the holidays. There may be opportunities to have important conversations. Does your family know what your wishes are when you die?

  1. Burial or cremation?
  2. Funeral or memorial service, celebration of life, or nothing?
  3. Who should be notified of your death?
  4. Where is your will? Do you have one?

Your spouse or partner may know your wishes, but if your spouse can’t be your messenger, do others know? If your wishes will not be what your family members expect, you should prepare them for it. Understanding your reasoning may help them accept it, may help preserve family relationships and may forestall family feuds and litigation. Don’t let your legacy be a surprise! Clarity and communication are the best gifts you can give. We’d like to help you have those conversations with your family members.

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